Lighting Design Service

It is never too early to commence a lighting design scheme and we would always recommend an initial meeting in the preliminary planning stages.  This has various advantages.  Firstly, it enables us to incorporate the lighting into the structure of the building possibly involving a few tweaks in the building specifications and secondly it concentrates our clients on the use of the interior space and this, in turn, can flag up certain areas that could possibly be adjusted.

As designer Claire Pendarves approaches the lighting design from a holistic interior design point of view the use of the space and the balance is an important element.  For example on a recent project when looking at the design of an en suite bathroom, it was concluded with the client that a slight adjustment to the positioning of the door created a more dramatic and balanced effect, certainly in terms of the lighting and also for the general use and mood of the room.  This can also be relevant to the exterior of the house and the benefit of mood lighting to the living areas.

Although we would recommend planning in advance sometimes this is not possible and we are flexible within our time constraints.  We have even been called on site on the very morning that the electrician was wanting to commence first fix.  Not ideal but it has been done!