Lighting Design Process

Stage One

Please send a copy of fully scaled architectural plans in PDF form, including elevations and cross-sections. After Claire has had a look at this it’s good to have an informal chat to find out more about your design aspirations and gauge the current stage of the building work. We will then send you a quote for the lighting design and will confirm the hourly fee rate for any ongoing design work and/or site visits.

Stage Two

When you instruct us to carry out the lighting design we request 50% initial payment prior to commencing the design. We also ask you to confirm (as best you can) the layouts of the kitchen and bathrooms and, if possible, how the rooms will be used. Turnaround is approximately 7-10 working days, unless advised otherwise. It’s always helpful to let us know of any alterations that have been made to the plans prior to us starting the design.

Stage Three

Following the presentation of the initial design, we request feedback within approximately a two week period; this helps to keep the design process fresh and the project moving. Any adjustments that are needed at this stage will be included free of charge. We then invoice you for the balance of the design fees and any design work or site visits beyond this point will be charged at the agreed hourly rate.

Stage Four

To get the best effect with the lighting it’s essential that the electrician is fully cognizant of the products, any technical issues and the locations of light fittings. To ensure this, we recommended that we meet the electrician on site prior to first fix. It’s also useful for the client and/or builder to be present at this meeting so that any changes in the building details can be flagged up at this stage as they may impact the lighting.

Garden Lighting

Lighting the exterior of a property is an integral part of our lighting design service and we will build in a proposal for the immediate exterior of the building structure bearing in mind safety, security and discreet architectural emphasis.  At the same time we are conscious of energy efficiency and the need to limit any light pollution.

Any further garden landscape lighting can be proposed as a supplement to our service for which full garden design plans will be required.