Why Illumina?

Apart from style, knowledge and experience, there are various benefits to using our lighting design service:

Firstly, we have no affiliations to any specific manufacturers or design houses and, as supply is not a pre-requisite of our service, our clients can rest assured that we will specify the best product for the job without any financial bias on our part.

Secondly, when it comes to new build projects and renovations the building contractor will often charge a mark up on products supplied independently.  We will draw up fully transparent specifications so that the contractor may purchase direct from the manufacturer or wholesaler.

Thirdly,  we know from experience, that some wonderful effects can be produced without breaking the bank whilst in other areas money needs to be spent to ensure the best result and ensure longevity.  We will also work towards ‘future-proofing’ the scheme and avoiding common pitfalls which may cause irritations in the future.

Finally, we keep abreast of the latest lighting techniques and products which saves our clients hours of trawling through the internet and making costly mistakes.  It is design in a nutshell – ready to be passed to the electrical contractor.