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Baking – A delicate balance

The Great British Bake Off is just as popular as ever and certainly brightens up television viewing as we head into Autumn.  I marvel at the courage that some of the competitors have and we all learn to appreciate how finely tuned the baking process needs to be. Don’t put enough baking powder in the flour and you end up with a flat mess, overdo the chocolate and it can end up as gunge.

Which got me thinking about the comparisons between creating a lighting design and baking. Seems miles apart?

If I put a lighting design scheme together it is, in effect, a recipe – the journey through the house should flow and if you remove one element of the design then something else often needs to be tweaked to get the balance right. Just removing one factor from a complete design doesn’t always work without re-jigging it slightly in a different area.

So, let’s say you’re planning to bake an upside down pineapple cake for a friend’s birthday, it helps to know beforehand if they hate pineapples.  Slightly awkward if you present the cake and then discover their aversion or allergy to the fruit.  Somehow, scraping the pineapple off isn’t going to give you quite the same effect.  If you had known beforehand you may have decided to create a chocolate gateau or lemon drizzle cake and everyone would have been happy all round.

So when it comes to lighting design it really does help me to know if you have any real aversions before I start the design.  If you absolutely hate table lamps or loathe downlights please let me know in the early stages of the design and I’ll do all I can to create a design geared towards your own specific taste buds.